Video Production. Photography. Graphic Design. Drone. Storytelling.

Uproot Creative Services is a boutique video and photography production company based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

We are storytellers with award-winning news backgrounds.

With an FAA-licensed drone pilot, Uproot offers you the chance to uproot your stories and shoot your videos from the sky.


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Video Services

Enrich a website or Facebook page. Promote your story to potential customers. Capture a moment for all time. Uproot's storytelling experts offer their expertise to you.


Family portraits, event photography, real estate promo photos, and professional head shots. Our photographers can capture the beauty of any moment 0r location.

Drone Services

Uproot your expectations for video and photography. Our FAA-licensed drone operator shoots in 4k and can capture beautiful landscapes and moments in time.

Graphic Design

Logos, page layouts, shirt designs, and graphic optimization for social media videos. was personally designed by Uproot's graphic designer.

Video Portraits

If you have an interesting person in your life, and you want their story captured for generations to come, reach out to Uproot. We specialize in personality-driven visual storytelling.



SHORT FILM: A paramedic struggles to cope with the loss of her partner as she loses touch with reality.


Doug Lenberg

PORTRAIT: A hot air balloon pilot shares his story of a traumatic balloon ride in which he feels God was on his side.


The Singed Bridge

SHORT FILM: Two siblings come to terms with their rocky history.

She Swiped Bite

SHORT FILM: A vampire speaks to a film crew about revealing his dark truth to his new girlfriend.

Shelby Elaine

PORTRAIT: She takes photos of strangers and shares their stories. In doing so, she honors her father's legacy.

Founding of Harris's Ferry

DOCUMENTARY: A quick look at the early life of John Harris and the founding of Harrisburg in the 1600s.


SHORT FILM: A young man returns to his father's farm to confront their shared, tortured history.

Respect Animated Films

BLOG: With this year's Oscar nominees, several outstanding films proved the value of animated storytelling.

A Christmas Portrait

DOCUMENTARY: Christmas means different things to different people. Even people who don't celebrate it.


SHORT FILM: A young man confronts his own grief as he deals with a difficult change in his life.

10th of Tishrei: Yom Kippur

DOCUMENTARY: It's the Day of Atonement for members of the Jewish faith. Learn from Harrisburg Rabbis Choper and Cytryn.

What is Rosh Hashanah

DOCUMENTARY: Learn about the Jewish New Year from a Harrisburg Rabbi and a Jewish practitioner in Central Pennsylvania.


SHORT FILM: Mysterious storms and aliens landing on Earth have an obvious connection, but things aren't as they seem.

Monique Pollart

PORTRAIT: She experienced Dunkirk like few others; the military kept her from the beaches because of the military disaster.

One Good Reason

SHORT FILM: A young relationship faces a major hurdle as a deadly diagnosis is introduced into their lives.

Preston Heldibridle

PORTRAIT: Born Rachel, Preston has lived a life of change -- overcoming the gender binary and coming out to his family.