Telling Stories Through Video in Central Pennsylvania


Three storytellers with a background in news in the Harrisburg, Lancaster, and York area have united like the Planeteers to offer our production services to you. Video. Photography. Graphic Design. Social Media. And Heart!


In addition to our client services, we also hone our skills with web content, including Portraits, independent documentaries, and more.


“Portraits” is a video series focused on interesting real-life characters, profiling everyone from the homeless to the Power Rangers.


“Small Business Portraits” shines a light on businesses and the personal stories that brought them into existence.


We also use our earnings to fund our ventures into creative storytelling, which includes short films such as Acceptance and Run4Cover.


For information about our group, or to ask about our services, including pricing, contact us at

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Kevin Hillman



Web Editor

Pop Culture Junkie

With five years in television, five years as a graphic designer, experience as a history and pop culture blog writer, and as a news journalist, with a completed documentary under his belt, Kevin knows what it takes to tell a good story.


Kevin Hillman graduated from Kutztown University with a degree in Electronic Media and a minor in History. Kevin served as Design Editor for Kutztown’s yearbook from 2007 to 2010.


Kevin can be reached at, or by shouting negative thoughts about Star Wars within 100 miles of Harrisburg.

Colin Powell

Drone Pilot




Watch out. This General knows how to fly drones. Colin Powell is an Emmy and Murrow Award-Winning video journalist for sports and news in Central Pennsylvania.


Colin has a Telecommunications degree from Penn State, is licensed with the FAA for commercial drone work, and has directed several short films with an eye to the most visually stunning imagery.


Colin can be reached at but will not answer any questions regarding Operation Desert Storm.