LLS of Central PA: hero moments happen here

Uncle Owen is the forgotten hero of Star Wars

Star Wars was robbed by Academy in 1977

Green Book Supports, Subverts, Racist Ideas


Green Book is a tremendous movie in many ways but it falls into similar traps as its predecessors, including a tendency towards saccharine endings, surface-level understanding of racism, simplistic solutions, a racist redemption story, and most importantly, a subscription to the dangerous theory of uplift-suasion.

It's time to give animated films their proper respect


It sometimes seems clear that even the Academy doesn’t respect animated films. This year, perhaps things will change with the boundary-breaking Loving Vincent and the heart wrenching tale of The Breadwinner.


#Oscars2018 #BestAnimatedFeature #LovingVincent #TheBreadwinner


The Star Wars Prequels are great

WrestleMania: Media Juggernaut

Luke is NOT turning to the Dark Side

Tribeca Review: One Percent More Humid

Go Go Power Rangers: A History

Tribeca Review: Aardvark

Jason David Frank lives like a Power Ranger

Oscars 2017 Best Picture Predictions by Uproot

Game of Thrones Live Experience in Central PA

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