What business owners should know about 'Game of Thrones'


Kings of media come and go, but your business can survive by pledging your allegiance to these simple principles of social media marketing.

Green Book Supports, Subverts, Racist Ideas


Green Book is a tremendous movie in many ways but it falls into similar traps as its predecessors, including a tendency towards saccharine endings, surface-level understanding of racism, simplistic solutions, a racist redemption story, and most importantly, a subscription to the dangerous theory of uplift-suasion.

It's time to give animated films their proper respect


It sometimes seems clear that even the Academy doesn’t respect animated films. This year, perhaps things will change with the boundary-breaking Loving Vincent and the heart wrenching tale of The Breadwinner.


#Oscars2018 #BestAnimatedFeature #LovingVincent #TheBreadwinner


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Star Wars was robbed by Academy in 1977

The Star Wars Prequels are great

WrestleMania: Media Juggernaut

Luke is NOT turning to the Dark Side

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Go Go Power Rangers: A History

Tribeca Review: Aardvark

Jason David Frank lives like a Power Ranger

Game of Thrones Live Experience in Central PA

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