Go Go Power Rangers: A History


It's easy to mock the teenagers with attitude, but they're part of a franchise that's lasted over two decades. They must be doing something right.


Jason David Frank lives like a Power Ranger


The original Green Ranger still makes appearances to meet fans in between jumping out of airplanes and setting World Records.

Tribeca Review: One Percent More Humid


A simple look at the experience of young women growing up in a small town.


Tribeca Review: Aardvark


A movie that tackles mental illness in a compelling way.


It's also named Aardvark so it could be first on the Tribeca list of movies.

Calm down. Luke is not turning to the Dark Side


It would negate the entire story of Return of the Jedi. Plus, the Star Wars Prequels made a strong case against Jedi in general. Luke might have been watching.


Wrestlemania: Media Juggernaut


Wrestlemania is the Super Bowl of professional wrestling -- in that it draws viewers who don't watch all of the time.


And John Cena is the New England Patriots.

Uncle Owen is the forgotten hero of Star Wars


Luke Skywalker is a jerk. This man took him in, despite barely even knowing Luke's father. A father, who, you may know, is a genocidal madman.


The Star Wars Prequels are great


And I will fight you if you disagree.


You should be warned though, my midichlorian count is off the charts.

LLS of Central PA: hero moments happen here


It's a screenplay fit for a superhero movie. Eight teenagers race against time to beat a seemingly unstoppable foe.

The plot is real. The characters are among us. The adversary is Blood Cancer, and the battle doesn't stop.


Star Wars was robbed by Academy in 1977


Star Wars is easily one of the most successful franchises in world history, yet it is so much more than that. The original, historic chapter of the film series, however, is the ultimate example of Academy Award oversight.

It's Time to Give Animated Films Their Proper Respect


It sometimes seems clear that even the Academy doesn’t respect animated films. This year, perhaps things will change with the boundary-breaking Loving Vincent and the heart wrenching tale of The Breadwinner.


#Oscars2018 #BestAnimatedFeature #LovingVincent #TheBreadwinner

Game of Thrones Live Experience in Central PA


Bubba Smith reviews the experience of live musical performances based on his favorite HBO show, Game of Thrones. Thankfully, the performance was worth the money.


Oscars 2017 Best Picture Predictions by Uproot


Moonlight, and La La Land, lead the pack, but this year, all of the Best Picture flicks were great. Unfortunately, none have risen to the level of instant classic.