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This is Ramadan

In this documentary, we explain the meaning of Ramadan, the importance of the fast, and the great qualities of Islam that shine through during the Holy Month. Created by Kevin Hillman Starring: Aaysha Noor, Mohamed Elnour, Rubina Azizdin, Brahin Rhouni, Athar Aziz, Afreen.
A Christmas Portrait

Christmas means different things to different people. Even people who don't celebrate it. This documentary features interviews with people of the Jewish and Muslim faith. Created by Kevin Hillman Starring: Mandy Ruiz, Luis Cruz, Justin Douglas, Rabiya Khan, Alex Rabinowitz, David Schreffler.
Rise, Harrisburg

Harrisburg is changing. And business owners and artists are leading the charge. How do these changes affect the everyday people of Central Pennsylvania? Created by Kevin Hillman Starring: Jimbo Kline, Jeb Stuart, Amanda Carter, Ted Walke, Brandalynn Armstrong, Lessa Helm.