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PORTRAITS Everybody has a story to tell. And like the Greek scribes of yore, Uproot is here to tell those stories. From those using their time to help children, to those going through gender transition, to celebrities such as the Power Rangers and Billy West, Portraits tell the stories of life that we may often overlook.
Do you have a loved one with an interesting story? Do you have a child, friend, parent, or acquaintance with a unique story that you want to preserve forever? Buy an Uproot Portrait! We'll interview your loved ones, shoot video at your suggestion, and cull from your photos, adding music from our own library, to create a video that artfully tells their story in their own words. It's the perfect gift for the family of a veteran, immigrant, or family elder looking back on their early years.

Monique Pollart She experienced Dunkirk like few others; the military kept her from the beaches because of the military disaster. Preston Heldibridle Born Rachel, Preston has lived a life of change -- overcoming the gender binary and coming out to his family.
Mohamed Elnour Born in Sudan, educated in Egypt, practicing medicine in the United States of America. What does he believe makes the US great? Curtis Voelker At age 14, he witnessed his parents being arrested. Years later, he uses the experience as inspiration to do good.
Bryce Papenbrook Hear from the lead voice actor of some of the world's most popular anime, including Attack on Titan. Rubina Azizdin Born in Central PA, but with a background spanning Africa and Asia. She is Rubina Azizdin, a Muslim American woman.
Billy West If you're under 40 years old, Billy West is the voice of your childhood. And your favorite candy. What about Zoidberg? Scott Straka Travelling to comic conventions around the country to sell his artwork, Straka draws stars and often gets to meet his subjects.
Adam Soltys He enjoys putting a dark twist on happy imagery. And he uses an unconventional medium to showcase his artistic skills. Richard Horvitz He's Alpha, he is Zim, he's a beaver, and he pals around with the Grim Reaper. He's proud of his influence on generations.
Kel Mitchell Kenan and Kel, All That, and Good Burger. Kel recently returned to Nickelodeon, and as he says, it's like coming back home. Mike Sgrignoli Believing that education need not be boring, Mr. Mike uses rhyme to teach children about dinosaurs.
Ghostbusters They use the movies they love as inspiration to do good in the world, raising money for Autism Awareness. Rod Goelz He wanted to be a rock star, and while he's never sold out Giant Stadium, he's undeniably a rock star to his students.
Amanda Carter Rapper, teacher, lawyer, idol. Amanda Carter uses her platforms to help kids and strengthen Harrisburg's art scene. Matthew Flinchbaugh Owner of Flinchy's Bar in Camp Hill, PA, Flinchy used his status to raise thousands of dollars to fight Leukemia.
Alice Herrick She's afraid of heights, but it doesn't stop her from tight rope walking. Go after your dreams, no matter your fears. Justin Provoncha You would think walking across a slim rope would leave you nervous or scared. Not this guy. In fact, it's the opposite.
Walter Emanuel Jones Yes, the Black Ranger was black. But Walter Jones believes that was accidental. He was the first live action black superhero. Doug Lenberg A hot air balloon pilot shares his experiences of a traumatic balloon ride in which he feels God was on his side.
Power Rangers Five teenagers with attitude, now in adulthood, reflect on their impact on culture and society. Richard Powell From England and living in America, this dog groomer is moving into judging, and his son is a cofounder of Uproot.
Zack Rudy Finding inspiration everywhere from Star Wars to divorce, Zack Rudy infuses his art with his personal experiences. Jimbo Kline He served in Vietnam for two years, and was homeless for three. Now he finds peace in feeding the geese.