Everybody has a story to tell.

And like the Greek scribes of yore,

Uproot is here to tell those stories.


From those using their time to help children,

to those going through gender transition,

to the Power Rangers and Billy West,

Portraits tell the stories of life.

Preston Heldibridle has lived his whole life by labels. Growing up as Rachel, Heldibridle struggled with those labels while trying to come to terms with his own identity. Gay, straight, male, female -- the limits and the binaries left this struggling trans youth lost in a cloud of confusion. Through love and understanding, as well as surrounding himself with supportive people, Preston came to understand his own identity, and now uses his story to help other trans and non-binary youth become fully self-realized individuals. Preston's story is one of change, but also one of solid foundations. Because despite initial objections from his mother, and some momentary slip ups from his father, Preston has the love of his family, and with that love, is able to remain strong through difficult changes and new challenges.

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