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Small Business Portraits promotes central PA companies on the rise. If your company is looking to have their story told, reach out to Uproot to discuss your ideas and our deals.

Vegetable Hunter

Formerly Crave and Co, Kristin sought to find the one thing that would make her heart sing. Her vegetarian restaurant is it.


They screen print fabric because of a love of art. As an immigrant from South Africa, Tenaj is living the American Dream.

Metropolis Collective

Supporting various artistic styles, the operators of Metropolis want to be a home for misfits and outcasts.

Harrisburg Comic Con

A relatively new convention, but one that's seen major celebrities come to the Harrisburg area.

Joy's Ceramics

Her mom wanted her to get into ceramics, but she resisted. Ultimately, she learned that mother knows best.

Zeroday Brewing

Believing firmly in supporting local business, Zeroday sparked a microbrew ascension in Harrisburg.

Third Street Studio

Used as a gallery setting for young and established artists alike, Third Street Studio is treated as a home to many.

Gallery at Second

A staple of Harrisburg's art community, Gallery at Second is the result of a husband and wife looking to return to their roots.


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