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Colin has an expert sense of lighting and composition, and he brings creativity to each shoot and edit. We hired him for his technical expertise but we keep hiring him because he's an absolutely delightful person with which to work.


Colin knows what he is doing. He is technically proficient, especially in lighting. His background in television news is helpful in that he can think and adapt quickly and adjust to solve problems in the field and in the edit booth.






Amanda Martin Owens COO, Banting Barclay Martin
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Uproot CS did a Business Portrait video for our vegan and vegetarian café in Harrisburg, Pa.  Kevin Hillman, of Uproot CS, is creative and professional, and has a great sense of how to put together pieces of the “picture” to tell a whole story in video in only a few minutes. We use our Business Portrait for promoting and marketing our business. It is viewed over and over on our web site and has been shared many times on our social media. The video that Uproot CS made for us beautifully documents a time in our business history and is really an invaluable product.


Kristin Messner-Baker Owner, The Vegetable Hunter
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With Kevin in the lead of Uproot CS video projects, we’ve (Gallery@Second) both been featured and provided referral to (i.e Zeroday Brewing, 3rd Street Studio and Metropolis Collective) him for profiles indicative of Harrisburg’s cultural and entrepreneurial spirit. In all instances, Uproot CS’s production values have always been of the highest quality and equally matched in standards for creative origin/capture, composition, and post-production. As a creative director and manager of professional media services for more than 35 years, Uproot CS’s vision and technical prowess is current and advancing with the industry’s expectations for the medium. Beyond what Kevin and Uproot CS has accomplished in such a short time in Central Pennsylvania, their collective success and future is solid, and we can only hope they’ll stick around this locale for a while longer.


Ted Walke Co-Owner, Gallery @ Second
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Our organization worked with Kevin from Uproot and had a great experience. Not only were they affordable, but they worked around our schedule for recording and producing our project. They delivered a great final product that many have complimented as something, “professional” and “well-produced.” We cannot wait to work with them again on future projects, I would highly recommend working with Uproot.

Justin Douglas Pastor, The Bridge
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From the minute we contacted Kevin from Uproot CS, we knew he would do a fantastic job on the video profile he did for us. He handled things in a timely, fun, and efficient manner, all with a great sense of humor and inventiveness. Such a pleasure to work with, he is a true independent spirit, the type of entrepreneur we want to work with.

Hannah Dobek Curator, Metropolis Collective