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Video Services Uproot was founded as a means for creative people in the Harrisburg area to do creative video work, and we’d love to apply our creativity to help you with all of your videography needs. We’re storytellers, with a history of working in Central PA’s fast-paced news industry. Colin even won a Murrow Award! If you’re looking to have your story told professionally, uniquely, and quickly, the Uproot guys are here.
Photography Need a moment captured for all time? What about head shots for your professional resume? Family portraits, engagement photos, real estate promo photography -- Uproot has the photographers for you. Both Colin and Bubba have a knack for capturing beauty in its purest form, which you can see by clicking the photo above. Drone photography is also available.
Graphic Design Are you in Central PA and looking for a logo, page layout, flyer, or design for videos or social media? Uproot’s Kevin Hillman has been honing his graphic design skills since the ancient days of the George W. Bush administration. With a history of designing two full college yearbooks and countless school newspapers, Kevin has a proven record of striking, speedy, work.Also, this entire website was designed from the ground up.
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PORTRAITS: VIDEO PROFILES Do you have a loved one with a unique story that you want to preserve forever? We specialize in video "Portraits," videos that artfully tells their stories in their own words. It's the perfect gift for the family of a veteran, immigrant, or elder looking back on their early years.
EVENT VIDEOGRAPHY AND PHOTOGRAPHY Do you or your business have a major event coming up that you'd like to share with clients, partners, and fans on social media? Uproot offers expert event photography and videography from people trained to capture moments. We offer raw video and photos, or edited ones that can be used for promotion.
DRONE VIDEOGRAPHY AND PHOTOGRAPHY Drones are on the rise. Businesses are clamoring to utilize this hot new technology, and Uproot is here to offer that service. We have an FAA-certified drone pilot, meaning we'll make sure your aeriel photography is obtained completely legally, and, even better, it's shot in beautiful 4k.
A Christmas Portrait DOCUMENTARY: Christmas means different things to different people. Even people who don't celebrate it. Acceptance SHORT FILM: A young man confronts his own grief as he deals with a difficult change in his life.
Heroine SHORT FILM: A paramedic struggles to cope with the loss of her partner as she loses touch with reality. Doug Lenberg PORTRAIT: A hot air balloon pilot shares his story of a traumatic balloon ride in which he feels God was on his side.
Monique Pollart PORTRAIT: She experienced Dunkirk like few others; the military kept her from the beaches because of the military disaster.
One Good Reason SHORT FILM: A young relationship faces a major hurdle as a deadly diagnosis is introduced into their lives. Preston Heldibridle PORTRAIT: Born Rachel, Preston has lived a life of change -- overcoming the gender binary and coming out to his family.
Mohamed Elnour PORTRAIT: Born in Sudan, educated in Egypt, practicing medicine in the USA. What does he believe makes the US great? Curtis Voelker PORTRAIT: He witnessed his parents being arrested. Years later, he uses the experience as inspiration to do good.
Bryce Papenbrook PORTRAIT: Hear from the lead voice actor of some of the world's most popular anime, including Attack on Titan. Rubina Azizdin PORTRAIT: Born in Central PA, but with a background spanning Africa and Asia. She is a Muslim American woman.
This is Ramadan DOCUMENTARY: We explain the meaning of Ramadan, the importance of the fast, and the great qualities of Islam. Billy West PORTRAIT: If you're under 40 years old, Billy West is the voice of your childhood. And your favorite candy.